Feelings of insecurity at work, the nagging worry that we are not quite as smart, informed, or competent enough as we ought to be, or as others might think, is familiar to most of us, irrespective of our gender. However, there is a perception that feelings of insecurity are more prevalent in women. 

In addition, feelings of self-doubt are often seen as a personal failing, leading individuals to turn inward in an attempt overcome them. 

However, there’s actually plenty of evidence that insecurity is a social problem - a rational reaction to cues from our environment. When understood this way, in order to overcome our insecurities, we need to reach outward, forging more authentic connections with those around us.

Join INSEAD's Svenja Weber, Affiliate Professor of Organisational Behaviour, at our upcoming webinar to explore the topic of insecurity at work and learn what we can do to overcome this. 

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Wednesday, 21 February 2024

9:30AM (CET) | 4:30PM (SGT)

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