Advance your career with INSEAD's Executive Master in Finance

INSEAD prides itself in having a world-class faculty, close links to the international business community and a participative teaching style. Our Executive Master in Finance (EMFin) combines these characteristics with a tailored programme that will hone your leadership and management skills as well as deepen your knowledge of the sector.

Designed for experienced finance professionals to accelerate careers without taking an extended leave of absence, coursework for the EMFin is divided into modules which happen three to four months apart, providing ample time to implement skills learnt in the classroom to your workplace.

The MAS Financial Specialist Scholarship

The Financial Specialist Scholarship (FSS) is one of the initiatives supported by the Financial Sector Development Fund (FSDF) established by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).

Its objective is to groom a steady pipeline of specialist talent and leaders in targeted fields that would contribute to the long-term growth of Singapore as an international financial centre.

Company Track

The FSDF will co-fund with Singapore-based financial institutions to send their promising Singaporean financial sector professionals for postgraduate study in the targeted areas. Financial institutions applying for FSP funding should ensure that their candidates have applied directly to and secured admission into top postgraduate programmes, before submitting their applications. 

Financial institutions should submit their application for the FSP at least two months before the date of commencement of the postgraduate programme.

Individual Track

The FSDF will co-fund with outstanding Singaporeans to pursue postgraduate study in the targeted areas. Candidates who have commenced their programmes will not be considered. 

The FSP is open for application in December and will close in April. Considerations will be given to candidates fulfilling or exceeding in the following areas:

  • Good honours degree (Second Upper/Cum Laude and above);
  • An excellent GRE score of at least 275 and/or GMAT score of at least 650;
  • Demonstrate strong leadership qualities;
  • Possess at least two years of financial sector working experience. 

Sponsorship Amount

Supportable Items Company & Individual Tracks
A) Tuition & Compulsory Fees:
     Tuition, examination and other compulsory fees levied by INSEAD
 70% of qualifying expenses
B) One-time Allowance:
     Book & Thesis

For more information, please email [email protected] 


More from our alumni:

Pei Ying Chang

"My company was fully supportive of me pursuing a master in finance. In fact, when I asked if I could enrol at INSEAD, my boss replied that he had heard of the programme and thought it was suitable for me. As such, taking the time off to attend classes wasn't a problem. The MAS Finance Scholarship Programme was certainly a great help financially. It was also nice to be part of the Finance Scholarship Programme recipients network.

What I really enjoyed about the programme was the opportunity to broaden my horizons. Especially in my field of work, I have knowledge of very specific areas and there are parts of general finance that I don't have experience in at all; I think the same applied to my classmates from different fields. So when you bring together individuals from different backgrounds, every person gets to learn from each other."

Pei Ying Chang, EMFin Class of 2018
FSP Company Track recipient
Vice President, Risk and Operations
Quantedge USA

Xiangle Heng

"The MAS Finance Scholarship Programme motivated me to consider the EMFin at an earlier juncture in my career than it would have been without a scholarship. The financial support meant that I could focus on making the most out of the EMFin programme without worrying too much about the financing.

Moreover, the opportunity to do EMFin earlier in my career meant that I stand to reap the benefits of the education much earlier, or in a financial context, a larger present value of benefits from the programme. Most importantly, the endorsement by the Finance Scholarship Programme was valuable in obtaining my manager's support for my enrolling the programme. 

The opportunity to embark on the EMFin programme with the support of the Finance Scholarship Programme is definitely a very valuable proposition.

Rarely do you get to accrue work experience while pursuing a post-graduate education at a top institution, coupled with financial support from the central bank.

I would highly encourage finance professionals to consider the EMFin and the Finance Scholarship Programme"

Xiangle Heng, EMFin Class of 2018
FSP Individual Track recipient
Portfolio Manager
United Overseas Bank Limited

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