Singapore's Best Cocktail Bars for Study Group Outings

David Eberle

Your study group is an integral of the INSEAD learning experience. The group consists of 5-6 diverse MBA students who sit next to each other in every core course class, jointly deliver assignments and compete against other teams in simulation games. Since the outcome is grade relevant, discussions can become quite heated.

The study group essentially has a major impact on your experience and determines how much fun you have during the first two periods. In my view, a good study group transcends the study part and evolves into a team of trusting and teasing friends, who are there to support each other in the learning and delivering, but also in motivating each other to hit the gym or in getting settled in the social environment. To become such a great bunch of friends, leaving the school premises and becoming a bit adventurous is absolutely necessary. Since friendship goes through the stomach, what place would be better suited for a group outing than a cocktail bar? Good thing that Singpore has a world class offering. Here are my favorites.

28 Hongkong Street

This is my favorite cocktail bar in Singapore (and pictured above). The cosy seating, round sofas with a club table in the middle, is ideal for 5-6 people and you can even squeeze in a few partners (read: spouses). Apart from their great cocktails (something with Mezcal is recommended), the real deal is their punch (call ahead to order), which gets topped with champagne. This gigantic bowl is then shared among your team, but you cannot serve yourself. Friendship is guaranteed after an evening at 28HK.

Open till 2am (closed Sundays, but you'll be traveling anyway)
28 Hongkong St, Singapore 059667

Olde Cuban

Even if cigars and whiskey are not your favorite, this is a great place for serious discussions and bets. Usually your group would make a joint pick (a great learning moment on how to make a group decision with a real financial impact to everybody) and then sip off the night. Make reservations beforehand and you'll get your private room, where you can share your secrets (you will, if you stay and sip for long enough).

Open till 12.30am
2 Trengganu St, Singapore 058456

The Horse's Mouth

Located in a shopping mall, the mouth's entrance is a bit hard to find (and hidden behind a mysterious curtain). This cocktail bar's specialty is that their drinks are completely personalized. Simply state your preferred base liquor and the way you like it (me: spicy). The big bookshelf reminds you of your study duties and so serves as a good inspiration to discuss your next assignment. As the night drags on and the books feel more distant, you'll feel closer to the people around you. The horse unites and makes everybody laugh.

Open till 12.00am (closed Sundays as well)
583 Orchard Road, #B1-39, Forum the Shopping Mall, Forum The Shopping Mall,
Singapore 238884