Time is Flying - Six Weeks In!

With six weeks into INSEAD and P1 coming to an end, it is probably a good time to introspect on the learnings so far. The schedule has been intense right from orientation week and any available time is spent in socializing through dinners, parties and trips with the fascinating people on campus. While there is no such thing as routine here considering the breadth of experiences we are exposed to everyday, but without focus, it would be tough to achieve our goals. Hence, I wanted to gather my thoughts now and in the process allow you to gain a preview of the exciting experience called INSEAD.

Diversity is Knowledge

This phrase is possibly too clichéd now for INSEAD but it carries more weight for me now than ever before. Whether it is during the classroom discussion or at a dinner, the amazing breadth of diversity in such conversations allows me to gain unique perspectives that I would surely miss otherwise. I can start to imagine how such an ability to understand and associate oneself with such a diverse crowd allows INSEADers to be future global leaders.

Beating FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)

From morning mindfulness sessions to evening rugby games to panel discussions with entrepreneurs to multiple trips across Europe, there are more opportunities and activities here than one can possibly imagine. It is almost inevitable to feel FOMO. Therefore, learning to prioritize is key. Of course, it is easier said than done but that is where we need to push and challenge ourselves.

Understand Yourself

With the breadth of activities taking place, it is also important to become aware of our own personal interests, motivations and goals. INSEAD provides an opportunity to step back and allows us to understand ourselves through the lens of others. Though my journey here is still at a nascent stage, I have started to understand the importance of self-reflection in order to further challenge and improve myself. It challenges the belief system but that is when I feel I am learning and growing as a person.

Charting your Individual Path

Lastly, I realize that finding my own unique journey and not following the herd is of utmost importance to keep in mind. This is clichéd as well but it is critical to prioritize and focus on our individual goals and objectives. You have to figure out for yourself what fascinates you, generates positive energy for you and then create your own journey through such experiences.

Hopefully, I can at the least try to put these learnings into practice during my remaining time here at INSEAD and beyond. As I said, it is easier said than done but that is what INSEAD empowers you with - a platform to challenge and nurture our curiosity with the fascinating opportunities available across the globe. It is up to us to use this best year of our lives to chart and launch our journey.