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Overall Annual Mean Salary

EUR 113,400

Overall Annual Median Salary

EUR 109,600

Overall Median Sign-on Bonus1

EUR 28,500

Overall Median Performance Bonus1

EUR 25,100

The figures are displayed when at least five salaries or bonuses are reported by graduates.
Gross salaries are reported before tax deduction and do not include bonuses.

Country#Salary Range (EUR2)
Mean (EUR)Median (EUR)Median Sign-on Bonus (EUR)Median Performance Bonus (EUR)
Australia976,000 - 121,600102,200100,90024,30012,200
India537,600 - 131,10071,10057,000-17,100
Japan737,800 - 133,10073,70075,600-25,200
Malaysia686,800 - 103,20095,60095,30013,50028,100
Rest of Asia Pacific2221,000 - 205,20097,50095,50031,40023,400
Singapore4559,800 - 193,700108,400109,30020,80022,200
South Korea963,000 - 142,600117,200142,60038,00028,500
Thailand761,900 - 104,40092,10096,50032,20031,900
Other countries where less than 5 jobs/salaries were reported include:
China, Hong Kong
Median Sign-on Bonus
Median Performance Bonus
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3rd Quartile
4th Quartile
Mean Salary
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Data - Percentages of Bonuses

1 64% of salaries overall reported with sign-on bonus and 75% with performance bonus.

2 Source: - average exchange rate 01/12/2022 - 30/09/2023 - from graduation date of 1st class (22D) to three months out of 2nd class (23J)