It’s very helpful for problem-solving to have as many perspectives as you possibly can!
Ana Blanco Loyo

Ana Blanco Loyo

Ana Blanco Loyo
Nationality/Passport: Mexican Year of graduation: 2013 Current Role: Senior Segment Marketing Manager, BASF

Why did you decide to apply to INSEAD?

I’d been thinking about doing an MBA for a while. I chose INSEAD because of the opportunity to study at one of the world’s best schools and gain experience in Asia. Then, just after I started, they announced the exchange partnership with CEIBS. It made me even happier! Now I’m looking forward to doing one period in Shanghai.

Is INSEAD what you expected?

It’s exactly what I expected – and more. I love the atmosphere! There are little things that I didn’t expect though. For example, I have a friend from Kyrgyzstan, which was a country I knew nothing about! I’ve discovered finance – which is a whole new world! And I have met people that have definitely enhanced my perspective of life!

What is it like learning in such a diverse environment?

It’s easy to assume that people see the world the same way as you do. So at first it’s scary that they don’t… and then it comes to make perfect sense. It’s very helpful for problem solving to have as many perspectives as you can. You also realise how people with different experiences, strengths and weaknesses can complement each other. In our group, for example, whenever someone has difficult understanding something, the others step into explain.

What will you do after INSEAD?

It’s too soon to say. At the moment, I’m looking at rotational programmes in Asia. INSEAD’s CareerLink platform is very good for these. It would be good to join a company that would send me to offices in different countries, such as China, Hong Kong and Singapore, so that I can see the differences within a single region. I’m also about to become co-president of the INSEAD Industry Club, which hopefully means I’ll get to bring some new companies to campus.

Do you have any long-term ambitions you’d like to share?

After working in Asia, I’d like to return to Mexico. My long-term goal is to replicate an Asian business success in Latin America. Although they’re very different regions, I think emerging economies can learn a lot from each other. This was my main reason for coming to INSEAD, in fact.

What do you think makes INSEAD different from other top business schools?

The global alumni community, the Asia experience, the strength in entrepreneurship… but, most of all, the non-competitive, collaborative atmosphere!

Do you have any favourite memories so far?

A couple of months after starting my MBA and meeting people from dozens of countries, having hundreds of experiences and thousands of memories… it is hard to choose one. Every single day has been filled with so much! I lived in Germany for a while and thought it was the best place in the world, because it was so structured. But Singapore has the same structure with a human face.

My favourite memory is of moving flats in Singapore. We were just going from one block to the next, but people we didn’t know came rushing up to help us – spontaneously. Everyone should get to experience living in Singapore – it’s amazing!