Only a couple of weeks in, I met like-minded students equally passionate about impact, climate change and global issues.
Colin Rebel

Colin Rebel

Nationality/Passport: French Year of graduation: 2023 Current Role: Climate Finance and Carbon Markets consultant

Could you share a fun fact about yourself? What’s something unexpected about you?

I am truly passionate about wine. Because I've been travelling quite a bit in recent years, my cellar is kept at my mum's place, where I have a couple of hundred bottles. When I lived in France, I competed in the blind wine testing national amateur championship for several years. I qualified twice for the final, during which 40 competitors compete for the title, but I yet have to win any prize.

Tell us why you decided to pursue the MBA, and in particular, the INSEAD MBA?

My dream is to work in sustainable finance or climate venture capital. I believe I have a strong environmental science background and a good understanding of climate change challenges, but I need to strengthen my business and financial skills.

The MBA should bring me exactly what I need to take the next step in my career.

INSEAD was my first choice mostly for the diversity of the cohort and for its truly global DNA since its creation. Also, I believe INSEAD strongly focuses on the development of the soft skills of the students, which proves to be much more significant than any hard skill in the long run. INSEAD selects candidates with the natural abilities of good managers, but the MBA gives you everything you need to become a global leader. I don't see any other business school that offers this truly transformational journey.

Can you share your thoughts about the class experience, professors, the curriculum so far? Have you joined any clubs, taken ownership of or participated in any interesting initiatives?

The first Organisational Behaviour or Strategy classes really knocked me out. The teachers are so deeply passionate about their subject and so energetic that everyone in the class is just drawn to them. The participation is incredibly enriching.

Everyone comes from a different industry and culture, and brings a unique perspective on the case discussed with the teachers. Even Accounting is fun!

Only a couple of weeks in, I applied for a leadership position at the Student Impact Fund. I also joined the Environment and Business Club. I met like-minded students equally passionate about impact, climate change and global issues. Clubs are a great opportunity to learn and network. I am looking forward to contributing!

What are you most looking forward to during your time on the programme?

Hard to tell, there is a long list. I am particularly excited about meeting people from all walks of life and with great business minds: my peers, teachers and everyone in the INSEAD community. My study group, electives, clubs and everything we do after class are great occasions for learning, bonding and fun.

Any tips for those who are considering an INSEAD MBA?

Doing an MBA is not a silver bullet. As in many things in life, you get out what you put in. Once in, you will have to work hard to achieve your goals, whatever they are. Don't wait, start now, start to manufacture your path towards where you want to go as soon as possible. You want to be able to prove that getting an MBA at INSEAD is simply the next logical step of your journey.

If you feel you can't thrive at work because you're not in the right position or the right company, join an NGO, a local initiative, a think tank, or launch your own project. Make sure you have something you can talk about.

Parting words of wisdom?

Carpe diem or "cueille le jour" in French, which means pick the day as you would pick a flower.

Time flies at INSEAD and because every minute is worth living, make sure every minute will be worth remembering, and don't worry so much.