In the end, the EMFin appealed to me more because it is a part-time programme, so the opportunity cost is lower as compared to a full-time programme.
Stephanie Liang

Stephanie Liang

stephanie liang
Nationality/Passport: Singaporean Year of graduation: 2023 Current Role: Investment Associate at Dimensional Fund Advisors

Please tell us a bit about your personal and professional background.

I'm currently managing multiple factor-based equity portfolios at Dimensional Fund Advisors and also representing the firm in meeting external clients. I have more than six years of experience in the asset management industry with some prior experience in banking. I have also previously completed the CFA as well as the FRM certification before taking on the EMFin.

Besides work, I love learning new things and travelling the world.

Why did you choose INSEAD’s EMFin, amongst other programmes out there?

Interestingly for me, I had been considering to study an MBA as my first option. I started thinking about it a couple of years ago when I was a few years into my job, so from then on, I started speaking to people and went to graduate programme fairs. It took me a couple of years but eventually I became really interested in the INSEAD MBA. I attended an INSEAD networking session and then I found out about the EMFin.

In the end, the EMFin appealed to me more because it is a part-time programme, so the opportunity cost is lower as compared to a full-time programme. Another benefit of a part-time programme is that you can continue working while you study, and you can also directly apply what you have learned back at your work after each module – which may possibly help you to advance in your career earlier, especially if you know you want to stay in finance.

Lastly, another attractive factor of the EMFin as compared to an MBA was that there is a specialist scholarship by MAS available for Singaporeans like myself.

What made you decide to embark on a Master programme with the pandemic situation going on?

I think the pandemic actually pushed me to study further. I have always liked to learn new things, and during the pandemic I had more time to really think seriously about my career and what I would like to achieve in the future. Hopefully this programme will help me in terms of career progression and opening up of more opportunities.

So personally, I don't think COVID is a downside in terms of studying but I actually feel it is the right time to embark on a Master’s right now.

You’ve just completed module 1. Please share your thoughts on your classmates.

I would say that overall, everyone is very, very supportive. We formed a Telegram chat group where regardless of which time zone or which country we are in, we are offering support, advice and reminders for everyone. So that's really very helpful.

Locally, we currently have a group of students who are attending classes in-person, so I have enjoyed meeting these people and working together in different kinds of study groups.

What are your plans post graduation?

Personally, I am quite sure I want to continue a career in finance and asset management. I am looking forward to the career progression that the EMFin can possibly bring as I believe joining the programme will open doors to more opportunities.