The MIM gives you a chance to explore in a safe environment and you should really take advantage of it.
Tanya Paul

Tanya Paul

tanya paul
Nationality/Passport: Maltese Year of graduation: 2022 Current Role: MIM Student

Tell me a fun fact about yourself! 

I have rescued African deers and they now live in my garden at home!

So Tanya, what were you doing before you joined INSEAD? 

Before INSEAD, I undertook my bachelor's degree in International Relations at King's College London. I actually just graduated in June of 2021! While I was completing my degree, I also launched a social enterprise with my university friends and, once classes moved online due to COVID, began volunteering for a Malian NGO.

And can you tell me why you decided to apply for the MIM? What are your goals post-MIM?

INSEAD was always a dream of mine for two reasons: its diversity and its focus on the role of business in society.

Having lived in Africa, Asia and Europe, I have always found a global mindset essential - not just to develop as a person but also to be able to better innovate and problem solve in a professional context as well. The focus on multiculturalism and diversity here at INSEAD is truly aligned with my own personal ethos and I'm happy to report that the MIM has not disappointed in the least!

With my dual interest in development and business INSEAD once more was the perfect choice. From the Hoffmann Global Institute's SGD week to our continual discussions in class on sustainability and ethics, the MIM programme has exposed me to a depth and variety of perspectives on sustainability and how these merge with businesses of the future.

My overarching goal post-MIM is two-fold. I'd love to hone my skills by working as a brand manager while also simultaneously pushing for greater integration between business and sustainability. I am deeply passionate about sustainability and want to work for brands and companies who share the value to continually strive to make a better impact on our communities and on our planet. 

What have your first few weeks been like? Memorable moments so far? First impressions, in one sentence?

In one word: intense. Everyone and everything was new as I experienced my first classes, my first case memos, and my first exams. But there's also been a true sense of community as we've all shared aspects of our cultures, comforted each other through job rejections and celebrated the end of our first exams!

Anything unexpected?

The outdoor activities were unexpected - but in an entirely wonderful way. It was so much fun during Launch Week to take a day to go into nature and wander the beautiful French forest. Having to rely on and trust entirely new people was also an incredible experience that helped bind us even closer together. 

What are you most looking forward to during the programme?

The electives in P5! I can't wait to learn from INSEAD's illustrious faculty and deepen my knowledge in brand management, marketing and sustainability. Plus, being in Singapore will be a lot of fun as our class explores a whole new environment.

Any tips for anyone who might be interested in pursuing a MIM in the future?

Do it!

Personallly, the MIM at INSEAD has been an incredible experience and I've learnt so much in such a short while.

I've found that half the learning comes from the faculty and the programme itself, but the other half comes from the people you meet and the experiences you create. The professors, the MBAs, the other students, the initiatives you launch - every aspect will enrich your learning and your professional skills.

Parting words of wisdom?

I was given a great piece of advice which I'd like to pass on to you: Be open! Whether that means open to meeting new people or just open to future careers and perspectives, be open to new experiences. The MIM gives you a chance to explore in a safe environment and you should really take advantage of it.