“I’m an ordinary woman aiming for extraordinary things.”

Soraya Dankoro

CEO, CorpFocus
MBA 2014


In three sentences or less, could you tell us a little more about yourself?

I grew up in Benin in a loving, outspoken and demanding family. My parents were doctors who wanted us to outperform them. But fundamentally, I am the most ordinary woman who aims to achieve great things and make her people proud.


Any fun facts?

I don’t fear anything. I can stand up to anyone. I can assert my opinions. I am strong, brave and fearless, except in front of tiny little dogs.


Soraya Dankoro

Why did you choose INSEAD?

Apart from the excellent curriculum, I personally needed - for once - to not be regarded as the foreigner.

I rightly believed that INSEAD and its 80 nationalities could guarantee that I would be treated like anyone else.


How would you describe your INSEAD experience?

I learnt from the best professors and students. I feel privileged to be part of INSEAD, and when I look back at it I wish I could do it all again!


What is one important lesson you gained from INSEAD?

At first, when you join the school, you feel proud, overjoyed and like the smartest person in the world. Then INSEAD starts shaping you in the most constructive way, teaching you humility and how important it is to value everyone’s opinions.



Has the INSEAD MBA benefitted your career?

Definitely. It has given me credibility in other people’s eyes when I wanted to start my business.


What's your favourite way to meet new people?

I rely on my first-degree network to forge new connections, and it’s key to my career success.


What is your most marked characteristic?

I am a woman, I am black, I am young in a field of male, white, senior dudes and it doesn’t prevent me from interacting productively and achieving.


What is your greatest fear?

For a long time I had the imposter syndrome, and during my time at INSEAD I struggled a lot with that.

Now, what I fear the most is to settle with circumstances and surrender to difficulties. I want to live up to my family heritage and my INSEAD background.


What does it mean to you to be limitless?

A limitless woman goes and finds the unexpected resources to accomplish her goals, all the more when she’s told that they are impossible. She doesn't let other people decide for herself.



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