“The willingness to learn and be a beginner again is like a skeleton key for possibility.”

Sue Adams

Principal, Bamboo Being
MBA 2000


In three sentences or less, could you tell us a little more about yourself?

I inherited from my family the idea that work is something to love and a place to change things for the better. This notion however, has evolved along with my career, as what I loved has changed over time. I have tried to ensure that my passion for creativity and wellbeing are integrated as part of my work rather than separate streams in my life.

These days, I am focused on how relationships and community can draw out the best qualities in us - both individually and collectively - and how workplaces have the potential to develop human capital.


Any fun facts?

My first love is dance and I continue to love learning new forms.


Sue Adams

Why did you choose INSEAD?

Having read Philosophy, Politics and Economics and trained as a lawyer in the UK, when I moved into a General Manager role at 31 years old in Asia, I was better prepared for the hard skills than the soft ones. I wanted an MBA that was well-rounded and also as someone who is both Asian and Western, a diverse cohort experience. 


Can you describe your INSEAD Experience?

I was in the pioneer class on the Singapore campus and our experience was pretty unique which has left us with lifelong friendships. 

It was our 20th reunion last year and though we haven't been able to meet in person, our WhatsApp thread is constantly in use - this week we were all exchanging photos of our kids. So I would describe it as a life-long relational journey.


What is one important lesson you gained from INSEAD?

The importance of developing understanding and relationships across cultures - I think INSEAD was way ahead of its time and is still peerless in this.


Has the INSEAD MBA benefitted your career?

I believe the INSEAD MBA gave me the competence, confidence and credibility when I was promoted into the role of Managing Director for Asia. And when I founded my own coaching practice in 2006, the first 400 hours of coaching and some of my first workshops were for INSEAD. So for me, the association with INSEAD has very tangible benefits.


What's your favourite way to meet new people?

I love meeting new people: most ways are good, so it is too hard to name one!


What is your most marked characteristic?

Probably adaptability and the willingness to be a beginner, over and over.


What is your greatest fear?

That my generation will leave this planet uninhabitable for the next.


What does it mean to you to be Limitless?

Being continuously willing to question the stories we tell ourselves about what the world is like, what others are like, who we are and what we are capable of.



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