And the INSEAD Journey Begins: Dreams Come True!

José Cano

The first two months at INSEAD fulfilled all my expectations. It all looks so normal now for everybody to be here, but when you remember all the efforts you had to make before coming here to get admitted, it all pays off.

Each person has a different unique, interesting and inspiring story… I love to hear each and every one of them!


Fontainebleau is lovely. It only took two weeks there to feel at home. Originally from Peru, I come from a country much warmer than France during winter. When I first arrived I was absolutely freezing! But, after a week I got used to it. You could even so much as say that I was warmed by the friendship of the locals and my INSEAD classmates! The city is truly about INSEAD and INSEADers; Fontainebleau really wouldn’t be the same without them. 
Launch Week

During launch week we had a community challenge: build a playground for kids with special abilities from a nearby school.

The challenge was tough but we ended up building it from scratch. It was a gratifying experience looking at the kids at the end playing there.

If I could, I'd do it all over again!


My group consisted of a multicultural and talented team from France, Japan, USA, Pakistan and Moldova. It was super enriching to learn their points of view, their personalities and their ways to face challenges. We complemented each other very well and learned from our differences. 

Final thoughts

So far INSEAD has taught me what I was expecting from the best MBA in the world: work in a diverse community, learn from different backgrounds, make new friends and improve by doing.

We have a lot of group work and to be honest, these are my favorite classes, because you truly replicate the outside environment inside of the course.

The term has gone by so fast! But the real adventures feel like they're just about to start!