Bittersweet Symphony

Laura Amin

P2 is almost over. The light at the end of the tunnel, basically the long holidays, are finally in sight. This period’s exams are a bit of a nightmare with no breaks for studying. You finish classes one day and the next day itself, exams ahoy! In the rush, it is difficult to pause for a moment and reflect on the journey so far.

Every time I speak to a classmate at Freddy’s or wave at someone across the library, I realise that it may be the last time I see them around in Fontainebleau. With the myriad of exchanges and bundling happening, it is not humanly possible to keep track of how many people you will not cross paths with till they smartly opt for the graduation in a chateau. Most people cannot wait to fly out the night of the last exam day to be honest.

Some memories to hold close to the heart, some regrets on not getting to know that amazing personality a little better and some heartbreaks on having to go through the rest of the program without the buddies you were so used to, they almost felt like childhood friends.

You see why it can be bittersweet?

Of course, there is the possibility that you will find equally fascinating people from the large bunch that will come to Fontainebleau for exchange and maybe newer friendships will blossom.

Regardless, as I sit here and procrastinate over Managerial Accounting, a dubiously easy subject by the way, I am in awe of the four months that both flew and crawled its way through my life. 40% of INSEAD is over. Although the craziness is hopefully not. And it may not go uphill from here because let’s face it, E3 was a pretty amazing bunch to benchmark to. But here is to hope that it will not go downhill either, despite the fact that chateau stayovers, “E3 for life” pins, break time music, saucy presentations, bingo, future mayor in my study group and Amphi B (to name a few) are very hard to top.

INSEAD never fails to overthrow expectations though. Be it with the abundance of “platforms” or the quagmire of personalities it has to offer. I head back to mac now with a hopeful heart that I will get through the exams and the goodbyes and I will see all the known faces soon enough.