Career Reflection Through 10 Pictures

Cecily Liu

Before I came to INSEAD, I thought career planning was about perfecting your CV, cover letter, Linkedin profile and cracking interviews.

I was wrong.

During launch week, we learned that our career choices are deeply rooted within our values, beliefs, past experiences, aspirations and dreams. 

In particular, we all loved one exercise that asked us to describe our lives in ten pictures. We then gave each other adjectives we would use to describe their pictures. The adjectives my group mates used to describe me have allowed me to look at my life and career mission in a new light.

These adjectives are also now in a useful toolkit supporting me to re-shape my personal brand statement, my CV, cover letter and Linkedin profile. Knowing they came from my diverse groupmates is fantastic, as I know my new brand statement will resonate with future colleagues on an international level!