The Day We Became #1

Raqs Araújo

Monday, January 25 of 2016, 7:27 AM

I reach INSEAD's Singapore campus late for a gym class and for the start of another crazy packed week of school. There are balloons in the hallway, in different shades of green. I have no idea what is going on, but I love this school, never a dull moment. At the gym I overhear a conversation that the Financial Times has ranked INSEAD as the #1 MBA programme in the world. As far as I know, we've never been number one before; Harvard and the other top American schools were always in the pole position though we were consistently in the top five. I find it a bit hard to believe, but it's Monday and I’m sleepy.

When I get back to the classroom hallway, and after checking social media and emails, there is no doubt we got the top spot, we are actually there! I’m still processing this wonderful news. Not that I had any doubts about our potential (and I'm not biased at all) but I honestly wasn’t expecting to be recognised like this.

I feel as happy as when I got that call saying that I was admitted.

Several reasons contribute to this result and I'm not an expert on the subject or on the metrics used for the ranking, but I'm sure of one thing: creating an international community where we embrace diversity and promote understanding and respect is preparing us to be outstanding leaders in the future. It is the distinguishing factor of INSEAD and the reason why many of us have chosen to be a part of this school, and today the world has proven us right.

And as we are INSEAD, we celebrated this amazing victory with champagne - the three campuses simultaneously - in our little green “INSEAD #1” shirts. I feel a deep sense of accomplishment and belonging after this day, even if I haven’t actually done much to contribute to this outcome!    

And now that we are #1, what do we do? We keep going, we work even harder to prove why we are here and deserve to stay. And I am thrilled to have a role in it now.

Congratulations INSEAD!