Social Enterprise Awards at INSEAD

The Fontainebleau campus is enjoying sunny days and the MBA July '18 Class is already close to finishing their first Period on the Programme. It seems that just not that long ago they were just preparing to embark on their journey. The pace is fast at INSEAD, and we are looking forward to welcoming the January '18 Class in just a couple of months. In the meantime, scholarship applications will soon open for those that will start the MBA next September.

INSEAD Scholarships on Social Enterprise

Our scholarship portfolio has grown a lot in the past several years, and this year will see us focusing on Social Enterprise.  For those interested in careers in social impact, there is the possibility to apply for scholarships that target the subject.  One such scholarship has been on offer since 2005: it is called the INSEAD Andy Burgess Endowed Scholarship for Social Entrepreneurship. We look for the candidates who, through their experience prior to INSEAD, can demonstrate a commitment to social entrepreneurship. A more recent addition to this portfolio is the INSEAD Padma and Rashmi Shah Social Enterprise Scholarship. It aims to support candidates who have substantial experience from the social enterprise sector and a genuine commitment to the pursuit of a career in social enterprise post-MBA. We will prioritise candidates from small business environments, micro-community projects or welfare related work places. Don’t miss out on these scholarships if you have been exposed to the social impact area!

Loan Forgiveness Fund

You can also note that we have a Loan Forgiveness Fund for those that join public sector, NGOs and not-for-profit enterprises after graduation. Student loan debt can be an obstacle for those interested in pursuing careers in the public or not-for-profit sector, so we have introduced a programme that can lift off some of these financial burdens. Successful candidates get some funding to help repay bank loans that they have taken for the studies. Students can apply for these awards, which vary from 5,000 to 10,000 Euros, a month before graduation, and they are based on commitment to the above sectors. You will receive ample information about the application process once you have started the programme but it is useful to know beforehand that such a programme exists.

Social Impact Award Programme

If you join our December Class, you may choose to do a summer internship and you could be interested in exploring careers in social impact.  You will then be happy to know that we have a Social Impact Award Programme. The awards (200 Euros per week) are for students that have summer internships with the following: not-for-profit, NGO, public sector organisation, for-profit social venture, or social investment firm with a clearly defined social or environmental purpose. Internships generally run for six to eight weeks and award recipients are asked to contribute to the Careers’ Blog afterwards. Such awards will assist students who are committed to the sector and are motivated to address society’s social challenges.  

Stay tuned for more updates from the MBA Financial Aid Office and a happy Fall!