Splash For Good

Dongming Wang

The INSEAD MBA Journey started only a month ago. Even though the MBA Programme was loaded with energy and passion, we must take a step back and reflect.

The first lesson we learnt at INSEAD was not Finance, was not Macroeconomics and not Strategy.

Instead, INSEAD taught us what business really is. It is not only about earning revenue or increasing profit - business is a force for good.

It is about bringing value back to the community and society.

In this video, you will understand:

  • How a group of future bankers, executives, entrepreneurs, strategy consultants, country and world leaders learn construction at a beginner level.
  • How we built a playground for special needs children from scratch, within 4 days.
  • How we collaborated together even without knowing each other and soon become powerful peers.
  • How this group of amazing people enjoyed working in the cold, how we had fun and delivered the result.

I felt so lucky to gain this experience - this was the first time I had touched a drill, and it was my peer who taught me, not Google!