A Thrilling Start

Vincent Pok Chien Tan

Why Does a Doctor Need an MBA?

For the past ten years, I have been working as a physician, and I feel that this duration is long enough to remain in my comfort zone. The past year has been really interesting and pivotal for me, due to the intensive preparation for GMAT, followed by the vigorous application process to INSEAD. I would say the journey to the MBA itself has allowed me to gain greater insight regarding myself and offered a reflective process that most of us don’t have the time to experience in our busy lives with work, family, and friends.  

“You are a doctor, why do you need an MBA?” is the question that I was asked the most over the duration of the past year.

Most of us are specialised in our roles and functions, and we become somewhat attuned to a tunnelled vision in what we do. I feel that I am gaining depth in my career, but at the same time, I am losing breath of society’s dynamics. I believe attaining an MBA will allow me to gain a broader perspective.


It is Truly The Business School for The World

It has been almost two weeks into INSEAD now, and I must say it is an eye-opening experience. When INSEAD says it’s the business school for the world, they mean it. I remember walking into the campus on the very first day, extremely thrilled because this was the day that I had been dreaming about. Every minute of the day,  I found that I was introducing myself to people (and I think most of the students here will concur), and sharing our experience prior to INSEAD with each other. It does feel like the INSEAD campus itself, is the world. Everyone’s background is so diverse that I have become literally overwhelmed by the amount of information that I received and have to process during the day. And of course, this continued until today.

Various activities were involved during the week which was designed to facilitate the process of bonding with our fellow classmates, and the SPLASH project is undoubtedly a very meaningful one. It reminds us that the learning process is not just about taking, but also giving back to the community.

Most importantly, to help us realise the importance of continually reflecting, and the value of feedback.

I cannot emphasise how much more I have learnt about myself in these two weeks, it is probably more than what I have learned about myself over the past 10 years.  

Thoughtful School

Some of us enter INSEAD with our partner, and one of the many aspects of INSEAD that impresses me is their support network for partners. INSEAD is known for its academic vigour (the 10 months programme), the need to maximise our social network and to build meaningful connections with people. Naturally, our previous routines and dynamics with our partners will certainly change. I have been pleasantly surprised to discover that most of the social events here at INSEAD have extended their invitation to partners, to try and get them involved and engaged. I remember one of the quotes said by Minh, our managing director at INSEAD:  

‘We will keep your partner happy so that you are happy.’  

I cannot agree more. It has been an amazing and thrilling start, and I am certainly looking forward to gaining more diversified experience from INSEAD.