The level and quality of TIEMBA’s students and teachers are unmatched. It allows me to gain a deeper understanding of global and regional business practices.
Daniela Crivellotto

Daniela Crivellotto

Nationality/Passport: Australian, Italian Year of graduation: 2025 Current Role: AWS Enterprise Account Manager

Tell us about yourself, and how you got to where you are today both on a professional and personal level?

I am a passionate and energetic sales professional with a strong global experience. Born in Italy, I have lived and worked in Ireland, the Netherlands, China and finally Australia, where I have been for the past eight years. 

As a seasoned professional, I have over 20 years of experience in high-tech companies (IBM, Huawei, Cisco and now Amazon).

What led you to decide to pursue an Executive MBA, and why did you choose INSEAD in particular?

During my career, I have gained valuable insights into the complexities of the global business landscape. However, I recognise the need for further development to better understand and navigate the dynamic and rapidly changing business environment. 

INSEAD is among the top business schools able to provide an excellent executive education with true global breadth. 

The Tsinghua-INSEAD Executive MBA programme has that unique combination of global and Chinese perspectives that is extremely important for modern leaders.

Could you describe your experience so far? The classes, the curriculum, your fellow participants, the professors?

The Tsinghua-INSEAD Executive MBA (TIEMBA) programme’s unique blend of management theory, hands-on learning and global exposure aligns well with my career goals and makes it an ideal choice for me. I am particularly impressed by the programme’s focus on technology and innovation, as these are crucial aspects of my industry. 

The level and the quality of TIEMBA’s students and teachers is unmatched and I am sure it will provide me with the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of global and regional business practices.

What advice would you give to someone who might be interested in pursuing an INSEAD programme?

Be prepared to be challenged and constantly out of your comfort zone. 

The programme is challenging but undoubtedly rewarding from both a professional and personal perspective.