I used to doubt people who said getting my MBA at INSEAD would be a life-changing experience, but now I know what they meant.
Eva Bartok

Eva Bartok

Eva Bartok
Nationality/Passport: German Year of graduation: 2018 Current Role: McKinsey & Company Inc

What made you decide to do an MBA? Why the INSEAD MBA?

Working at McKinsey as a consultant in the Operations Practice has been a great experience but with my engineering background, I felt that I lacked some broader business knowledge. I knew there was more I could learn about leadership and people management. Additionally, I wanted to live abroad and explore other cultures. INSEAD was always my first choice because it fulfilled all my needs—a unique, diverse learning environment, a one-year programme and a strong international network.

Is INSEAD what you had expected?

After my first four months, I can say that INSEAD has already exceeded my expectations. I used to doubt people who said getting my MBA at INSEAD would be a life-changing experience, but now I know what they meant. It’s a fast-paced programme inside and outside the classroom. No two days are the same at INSEAD, and one week is as rich in learning and experience as a month or two in your everyday life back home.

Do share with us your thoughts on the faculty and your classmates!

Classes are very interactive and professors encourage a strong discussion culture. Theory from the professors is enriched with practical experience and insightful views from the students. I am continuously impressed by my classmates. Being part of a diverse and highly talented student body who inspire me and from whom I continuously learn, is probably the most valuable experience at INSEAD.

What are your immediate plans after the MBA; do you intend to stay in the same industry or do a career switch etc?

After my MBA, I am going back to my job at McKinsey as a consultant. I have a true passion for operations, and my role allows me to work on a range of topics, in different industries, and countries. I am able to make a difference with clients I care about, do meaningful work and I am constantly challenged. I have yet to discover another job that offers me the same growth opportunities, the extent of flexibility as well as professional and personal development.

Could you share your Personal Leadership Development Programme (PLDP) experience?

With the PLDP, the school introduced an initiative with a great potential. We are the first cohort that had the opportunity to participate in the full programme. The PLDP includes some group coaching with your study group in addition to individual coaching. The coaches help us to work on our own development as well as to advance as a team.

What is one important takeaway you have gotten from your INSEAD experience so far?

Be open and explore! For example, I appreciate very much the unique, inclusive environment we have at INSEAD. This makes it easy to meet people and discover new and fascinating perspectives.

What advice will you give to potential prospects who are interested in taking the INSEAD MBA?

Take the leap and embark on one of the best years of your life! To find out if INSEAD is the right place for you, talk to alumni, visit the campus, or attend INSEAD events. The INSEAD experience is all about the people, and from my experience, no research or pre-reading can provide these insights.

In one word, how would you describe your INSEAD MBA experience overall?