INSEAD has been as exhilarating as I hoped it to be.
Haya Al-Husry

Haya Al-Husry

Haya Al-Husry
Nationality/Passport: Jordanian Year of graduation: 2018 Current Role: Business Transformation Manager

What made you decide to do an MBA? Why the INSEAD MBA?

I did not have the opportunity to learn business formally—all that I learned was through my work experience and so, I thought an MBA would be a good opportunity to gather and audit all that I have learned from my five years of work experience and expand my skills further. More importantly, I felt that I wanted to push myself and be inspired and challenged by like-minded people.

How is your INSEAD experience so far?

INSEAD has been as exhilarating as I hoped it to be. I have met incredible people and have taken great classes that are allowing me to fulfil my MBA goals.

What do you think are some challenges women face in the business world? 

Very often the challenge is for people to recognise how sexism can affect women in the workplace. Most people (men and women alike) believe they are not sexist and therefore do not believe they are part of the problem—this stops them from taking any action towards having a more gender-equal workplace.

What are your immediate plans after the MBA?

I am hoping to stay within the same industry, but to pivot my role.

Could you share your PLDP experience?

I think at the beginning I underestimated how impactful PLDP would be towards my overall learning. It forced me to reflect, and more importantly to address my weaknesses and nurture my strengths. This was aided by my open and receptive group mates who are also committed to the PLDP process.

Where do you see yourself 10 years down the road?

I have no specific vision, but I do know that I would like to be solving a challenge and making some sort of impact on a global level.

What is one important takeaway you have gotten from your INSEAD experience so far?

I learned the importance of making choices and committing to them—both personally and professionally. It is easy to believe we can do everything without sacrificing anything and to float through without committing to one particular path, but doing so deprives you of the rewards of making a choice.

What advice will you give to potential prospects who are interested in taking the INSEAD MBA?

Be ready to be open and to reflect—leave your egos at the door!

In one word, how would you describe your INSEAD MBA experience overall?