I applied to INSEAD as it has consistently been ranked amongst the world's top MBA programmes and it places a lot of emphasis on having a diverse student body.
Hector Bagley

Hector Bagley

Nationality/Passport: British Year of graduation: 2024 Current Role: Director of Ashinaga Uganda

Could you share something unexpected or a fun fact about you?

I hold two speed-eating records. Sadly, INSEAD doesn't have a club, but I am trying my best to impress others at lunch time.

Tell us about yourself, and how you got to where you are today both on a professional and personal level? 

My name is Hector Bagley. I am 32 years old and from Liverpool in England. I am of Scottish and South African descent. I am passionate about, and committed to, using educational access as a means to overcome poverty.

Since graduating from university I have worked for non-profits providing educational access to those in need. I have spent the majority of my career working for an organisation called Ashinaga, which provides educational access to high-achieving low-income orphaned students across Sub-Saharan Africa and Japan. 

For five years I was based in the Uganda office, and spent the last two years serving as Director. Ashinaga Uganda supports over 1,000 students each year with access to primary, secondary and tertiary education, and, in addition, provides socio-emotional support to enable these students to overcome the traumas associated with loss and living in abject poverty.

What motivated you to choose the INSEAD MBA, and how do you envision it aligning with your future goals, even at this early stage?

I applied to INSEAD as it has consistently been ranked amongst the world's top MBA programmes and it places a lot of emphasis on having a diverse student body.

I want to commit my long-term future to helping those less fortunate, and I am pursuing an MBA to enhance my skillset to allow me to have more impact. Being exposed to so many diverse perspectives at INSEAD will help me tailor my leadership skills so I am better able to work in international settings.

I am interested in gaining exposure to the impact investing and impact consulting sectors. I have already met many students with experience in these industries and it has been great hearing their stories.

What were your impressions of campus life so far and how did you navigate accommodation, and sorting out all the admin? Any tips for incoming students?

Campus life so far has been great. I have been impressed by the facilities. There is even a squash court next to the café! I have so far suffered many defeats but there is hope for the future.

For accommodation I connected with a friend of a friend before coming to France and we found a house together with five other students. I recommend connecting with people you already know and sorting out accommodation way in advance as the nice places are taken quickly.

Could you share a little about your application process, securing financing, and making your way to Singapore/Fontainebleau?

I spent around eight weeks studying for the GMAT and scored 680. I applied during round 3 for the 24D intake. 

As part of my application I applied for the Louis Franck scholarship (for UK nationals) and the Diversity & Excellence scholarship bucket. I was lucky enough to be awarded both which covered a decent chunk of my tuition costs. For the remaining costs I used personal savings. 

I moved back from Uganda to the UK at the end of 2023 to spend time with family and friends, so the move to Fontainebleau was quite straightforward - although the channel tunnel flooding and all of the rail strikes were not fun to navigate. 

In your first few weeks, what aspects of the INSEAD MBA have stood out to you as unique or particularly appealing?

It has been amazing meeting so many people from different backgrounds, professionally and culturally. Our classes are full of different perspectives anchored in varied experiences.

Aside from your academic pursuits, what extracurricular interests or activities are you exploring at INSEAD, and how do you see them enhancing your overall MBA experience?

I have joined INDEVOR (Impact investing club), Touch Rugby Club and the Africa club. I hope I can build on existing interests and make connections through these platforms. I also have no rhythm, so I hope I can join a few dance lessons and work on this!

Any parting words of wisdom, and are you willing to be contacted for more information by prospective students?

"Nothing good happens after 1am."

Very happy to be contacted!