INSEAD has also encouraged me to become more entrepreneurial in my thinking – to go after the ideas I feel passionate about and pursue them.
Istvan Rab

Istvan Rab

Istvan Rab
Nationality/Passport: Hungarian Year of graduation: 2016 Current Role: Solution Manager, McKinsey & Company

What made you decide to do an MBA? And why INSEAD?

While it’s quite a standard practice in consulting to pursue an MBA, I personally wanted to improve myself in terms of knowledge and network – and of course to have a year full of amazing experiences. I quickly made the decision to apply only to INSEAD. It’s not only among the best programmes in the world; the one-year format was also a better fit with my career aspirations.

I particularly wanted to experience the multi-campus experience and to live in Asia. Most of all, the experiences of friends and colleagues convinced me that INSEAD has something special.

Was INSEAD what you expected?

My expectations were high but quite vague. I hoped the experience was going to change me in many ways, but I didn’t know how this would happen. It was everything I wished for: a chance to become a more knowledgeable and better-connected professional, as well as to re-evaluate what’s important for me and where I wanted to go next.

How has the INSEAD MBA changed you?

When I put the pieces back together, I realised how much the MBA experience has changed me. It forced me to look inside and think about my priorities, not only in my career but also in my life. I’ve learned to focus on what’s really important and to let go of the other things. INSEAD has also encouraged me to become more entrepreneurial in my thinking – to go after the ideas I feel passionate about and pursue them.

How has the MBA programme helped you in your career?

There’s obviously the networking element, but this is something that everyone expects from an MBA. There is another factor that people might not think about and that is the new career options INSEAD opens up. During the programme, you get exposure to so many new industries and interesting ideas that even the most single-minded students would take a step back and have second thoughts about where to go next.

The support for career progression was the other vital element: career workshops, industry briefings, competitions and student club activities can give you the tools to pursue careers in areas where you have no knowledge in. 

What advice do you have for potential INSEAD MBA students?

Go for it! If you want a truly global business school experience, INSEAD is the number one choice.

What is the most important lesson you have learned at INSEAD?

If I have to highlight only one, maybe it is a personal takeaway: I’ve realised how privileged and lucky I am to be here – and this has made me a much more humble person.