The EMC was liberating and it helped me to be who I have always wanted to be.
Lola Chetti

Lola Chetti

Lola Chetti
Nationality/Passport: French, Mauritian Year of graduation: 2014 Current Role: Global Leadership consultant & Executive Coach, Psychodynamics

Please share with us a little about yourself. 

For the past nine years, I have been designing and delivering training in leadership development for Corporates and also working as an executive coach. I am currently delivering an accredited Organisational Coaching Practitioner Course, which I designed, to form accredited coaches in organisations.

I started my career in the Judiciary and retired as a Senior Magistrate. I spent almost six years working as a voluntary teacher in a refugee centre and this is where I found my calling to work in executive education, people development and people support.

What made you decide to take on the EMC programme at INSEAD?

I had taken a few diplomas in coaching and substantial training in leadership development but felt that something was missing when it came to understanding human behaviour. When I read about the INSEAD EMC's system-psychodynamic approach, I thought that this was what I needed - and it was so much more!

Has the programme met your expectations?

It exceeded my expectations. INSEAD delivers a rigorous curriculum based on research. I warmly recommend it to my clients and in fact, my husband who works in the banking industry, has also done the programme.

Do share with us your classroom experience.

We had people from over 15 countries and from a variety of industries, including a number of organisational leaders. This diversity of cultures, backgrounds and occupations enriched perspectives and I made friends with whom I am still in touch and a few with whom I worked with.

How has the programme changed your perspectives or outlook on life?

I now interrogate myself first and have greater clarity about myself. This awareness brought me enhanced confidence. It also made me more tolerant of myself and others.

How different is the EMC as compared to other Masters programmes out there?

It is highly practical whilst being grounded in research.

What is one most significant lesson you got out of the programme?

That it all starts with self. It is through my willingness and ability to be aware of my own behaviour that I can understand the behaviour of others and invite them to explore making positive changes.

What advice would you give to potential EMC participants?

Go for it and make the most of the EMC, you will miss it! I try to go back to INSEAD as much as I can. It remains the best educational experience I have had in my life. The EMC was liberating and it helped me to be who I have always wanted to be.