In many ways Singapore feels like an extension of INSEAD. It is such a multicultural place, and you can meet and speak with different people every day. 
Rupesh Baker

Rupesh Baker

INSEAD MBA Rupesh Baker
Nationality/Passport: Indian Year of graduation: 2022 Current Role: Business Development Manager (Environmental Solutions) at Amphenol

Why did you decide to pursue an MBA, and why at INSEAD?

I was born and brought up in India, then moved to Singapore for my undergraduate degree in engineering. I spent most of my career working in Singapore or India, predominantly in operations roles in renewable energy. I wanted to do an MBA because I felt my work was very technical, and I was looking for more general management exposure. 

I decided to apply to INSEAD because I was looking for an international school with diverse students, which has a good presence in Asia.

I decided to start at the Singapore campus since I wanted to pursue opportunities in Asia after graduation.

What was your class experience like?

Coming from an engineering background, the INSEAD faculty was very helpful in making me understand new topics. The method of teaching was engaging, especially the use of simulations, role plays and interactive exercises. 

Through my class, I had the opportunity to meet people from so many different backgrounds who had accomplished a lot in their own fields. It was a truly humbling experience.

Discussions in class helped broaden my horizons on a wide variety of topics. They also helped me understand more about the trends in various sectors and the opportunities available upon graduation.

How would you describe the Singapore campus? And why did you decide to stay in Singapore post graduation?

The Singapore campus is a smaller compared to Fontainebleau, which in my view helped us in getting to know each other really well. The campus quickly felt like a second home and it was great coming in every morning and greeting each other by name. 

What I like best about Singapore is its strategic location in Asia, with so many fascinating places in the region just short flight away. It is also close to home for me, so that’s another advantage.

In many ways Singapore feels like an extension of INSEAD. It is such a multicultural place, and you can meet and speak with different people every day. 

And finally, of course, I have so many classmates who are also based in Singapore, so there’s a fantastic network I can readily tap into – not to mention the wider INSEAD alumni groups who organise a lot of activities and events. 

How did you go about your job search journey?

I first learnt about my current company through the INSEAD Career Centre, who directed me towards an internship opportunity that had been highly rated by previous students. I decided to apply for that internship and had a very positive experience, so I was very happy when I was able to convert it to a full-time offer.

Being based in Singapore during the job search process was very helpful, as I was able to reach out to people and meet them in person.

I felt this was important to create a bond which would have been harder over a video call.

What is your advice for anyone who is considering whether the INSEAD MBA is the right next step for them?

Since the MBA is a very big investment, I feel that it is important to know your objectives, and what you want to get out of the experience. If, like me, you feel that you need a much more diversified experience in terms of getting more knowledge about management and move to a different function like business development, then it's definitely a great option. The INSEAD MBA will also open doors for you globally, so you won’t be limited to one region.

Last but not least, the INSEAD alumni network is really excellent in terms of supporting you. Whenever I've reached out to anyone during my job search process, they had time to respond to me regardless of their seniority level. So, if this is something that you value, then I would highly recommend considering INSEAD for your MBA.