One of my biggest learnings is that the sum of the the individuals is usually greater than the individuals.
Kwame Owusu-Ansah

Kwame Owusu-Ansah

Nationality/Passport: Ghanaian Year of graduation: 2022 Current Role: Consultant at Bain & Company

Could you share a little why you decided to pursue the MBA, and in particular, the INSEAD MBA?

I wanted to expand my network to use within the start-up space in Africa. I spent some time in the start-up scene in Western and Southern Africa and found it extremely rewarding and I would surely like to go back to it. However, I first want to gain some experience in the global tech scene because I think it would be a great learning avenue when I go back home. Most importantly, I want to be close to my family.

Additionally, I wanted to learn more about finance to enable me to navigate the business world as an engineer. I often felt lost in conversations with venture capitalists or angel investors when it came to raising capital or managing a start-ups finances. I think I could add great value within the ecosystem, especially to founders/teams who lack this skill. 

Can you share your thoughts about the class experience, professors, the curriculum so far?

It’s been an amazing experience meeting and learning from a very diverse group of extremely smart young people with the same drive to make a difference.

It is always interesting to learn about how things work in cultures similar to mine as well as those that are completely different. Additionally, the diversity of professional experiences within the class lends for really interesting discussions. It is fascinating to learn how Amazon, Facebook or even WeWork thought about culture in its early days, from people who were there and contrast them with my experiences working with small firms in Africa.

The short nature of the degree also means that classes are extremely fast-paced and often do not go in-depth, at least in the core periods. Therefore we have to engage with the materials in different ways such as an Independent Student Project or a competition. 

Where are you located and what are you most looking forward to during your time on the programme?

I am currently in Fontainebleau. I’m most looking forward to a satisfying and well-paying job post MBA. I am hoping to leverage off the INSEAD brand and Alumni network to secure this opportunity. I am, however, not under any illusion that this is a trivial affair. Chatting with graduating students or alumni as well as my career coach and the CDC have been extremely eye-opening about the rigour this involves and so the plan was to start the process very early on. 

Have you learned any important lessons so far from the MBA experience that have been especially useful?

One of my biggest learnings is that the sum of the the individuals is usually greater than the individuals.

Group work is essential in INSEAD. From the very beginning we work in small study groups of five or six people, within sections of 75 to 85 students. It is not possible, in my view, to work on all the school work and social events, as well as extra-curricular activities without leveraging off one of these groups. Working within groups also helped us bond with each other faster than is normally possible. 

Any tips for those who are considering an INSEAD MBA?

Apply, what do you have to lose? Also be yourself. Do not write what you think the admission officers want to hear.

One thing I think INSEAD does really well is to select and bring together 500 unique stories from around the globe. So tell your story the way it applies to only you.