Join us for an insightful Fireside Chat featuring four talented students from the INSEAD Master in Management program. They will discuss their experiences, insights, and journey throughout the program, providing valuable information for prospective students and anyone interested in the field of management. Don't miss this opportunity to gain unique perspectives on the INSEAD Master in Management program!

HostAlexandra Magdei MIM’22 - Associate at Strategy&


Yuko May - MIM'23

George Maglis - MIM'23

Alexandre Chechelaky - MIM'23      

Anita Zhao - MIM'23


Where are you from,  what did you study and what work experience did you have before joining INSEAD? 

What is the best piece of advice you’d give to someone who’s tinkering with the idea of applying to a B-school, especially INSEAD?

What has been the program highlight for you so far?

Is there something you wish you knew before starting at INSEAD ?

Talking about cultures, now that you’ve had a few months to familiarise yourself with the different cultures out there 
It’s been what 4 months since you embarked on your INSEAD journey here at Fontainebleau

At this very moment, if you had to describe what you’re feeling in one word— what would it be

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