While there are many ways to prepare yourself for the General Record Examination (GRE), you might want to explore options and narrow your choices to a combination of resources that work best for you.

After all, the GRE is an intensive and time-consuming test (over three hours) that requires months of preparation. To help you get started, here are some resources, which are highly recommended by fellow learners.

Preparing for GRE


Learning on-the-go is fast becoming a popular method for people to gain new knowledge and access information. There are many apps available for download, which can help you maximise time on the road as you study for your GRE.

The Magoosh app is a hot favourite amongst GRE preppers. With more than 1,000 practice questions, over 250 video tutorials and video explanations for each question, it is no wonder that Magoosh has garnered a whopping 4.8 stars out of 5 review rating and is a top-of-the-mind mobile app for anyone gunning for the GRE.

Illustrate - The Video Dictionary is a user-friendly app designed to help candidates studying for the verbal section of the GRE. It includes detailed and clearly animated videos with actual conversations to explain the meaning, context and usage of English words. It also includes 5,000+ words covered in the test, as well as a “Word of the day” and “Question of the day” feature.

To improve on your arithmetic skills, the Pocket GRE Math provides over 800 quantitative aptitude questions and word problems. It is categorised into different topics and includes important, must-know formulas for each topic. The questions come in various levels of difficulty and solutions are provided to help candidates improve. A scratch pad is available on the app as well for you to work out problems with ease.


Target Test Prep focuses on preparing candidates for the quantitative portion of major standardised tests. The website offers over 3,000 practice question, more than 800 video solutions and 500+ individual lessons.

To boost your vocabulary, membean.com offers a variety of plans to choose from. Other popular sites such as the maker of the GRE Educational Testing Services (ETS), and Galvanise also offer both free and paid resources.


The Manhattan books are popular amongst GMAT and GRE takers alike. With comprehensive workbook series such as “8 Manhattan Individual Strategy Guides”, “5 lb. Manhattan Book of GRE Problems”, “Official GRE Quantitative Reasoning and Verbal Practice Questions” and “The Official Guide to the Revised General Test”, there is more than enough variety for you to practice.

Kaplan is another reputable workbook series to consider. Apart from their resources available online, Kaplan’s “GRE Prep Plus” is a popular choice amongst candidates.

Tutoring for GRE


A private tutor can provide a customised study structure and push you to improve.  It can be challenging to diagnose your own weaknesses, understand a complicated concept or organise your study schedule. This is when a good tutor will be very helpful to identify your learning needs and work on specific areas for you to improve your GRE scores.

INSEAD accepts the GRE for MIM and MBA applications. A score above 85% for the quantitative and verbal sections of the GRE is highly recommended. To report the score to INSEAD, the ETS code is 0970 and the score is valid for five years.


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