Standardised aptitude tests like the GMAT and GRE are required for most business school degrees. 

But with the plethora of information out there, getting started can feel a bit overwhelming. INSEAD's Degree Programmes recruitment team took the plunge and attempted both tests themselves, going through the entire actual in-person test-taking experience for both the GMAT and the GRE to experience first-hand what applicants will be going through.

In this three-part series we share insights on the two tests and what differences (if any) they have, plus a five-step study plan to help you ace your chosen exam. 


GMAT vs. GRE – Why do you need them and how will you be assessed?

  • Purpose and structure of the tests
  • What does adaptation really mean and how you will be benchmarked

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GMAT vs. GRE – Deep dive into structure and differences

  • Key differences in the verbal and quantitative sections with example questions for each test
  • Differences in the analytical writing requirement

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5 Steps to Ace your GMAT or GRE

  • Diagnostic questions to help you choose between GMAT and GRE to best play to your strengths
  • Suggested study plan to help you stay motivated

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