The INSEAD Master in Management (MIM) prepares you for a business career with a wide range of choices across different industry sectors, including and not limited to consulting, financial services, technology, FMCG, industrials, consumer and luxury goods and healthcare.

The rigorous curriculum coupled with the support from our Career Development Centre will set you up for success.

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Hear from our graduates on how they are launching their ambitions in a variety of fields.

Financial services / entrepreneurship

Thijs' passion lies in fintech and entrepreneurship, and he joined INSEAD to broaden his network and expand his horizons. 

The access to the INSEAD alumni network, including startups and business founders, has been a transformative experience for Thijs, and helped him land a role that will be a crucial stepping stone in his future career. 

Sustainable finance

Anni came to INSEAD to bridge her academic background and professional experience to build a career in sustainable finance.

The INSEAD Master in Management, with its focus on sustainability throughout the curriculum, personalised career guidance and strong alumni network, was the perfect choice for her.  

Private equity / impact investing

After completing an undergraduate degree in civil engineering, Omar was keen to take a step back to reflect on the next steps in his career and explore opportunities in business and management. 

At INSEAD, he was particularly impressed by the unparalleled support he received from his cohort and the Career Development Centre in helping him achieve his goals. 


Pratiksha always knew she was interested in marketing, and the INSEAD Master in Management helped her launch a career in this field. 

Her message to future INSEADers: You'll have access to a myriad of resources and opportunities, regardless of where your interest lies! INSEAD really is a place for everyone. 

Strategy consulting

Constantin's long-term goal is to join the private equity industry. He enrolled at INSEAD to build a business network and lay the foundations for a successful international career. 

The INSEAD Master in Management was a perfect opportunity for him to see the world and build strong connections that will propel him in the future. 


Luxury goods

Camille is passionate about the luxury industry, and the INSEAD Master in Management gave her the tools and the confidence to pursue a career in this sector. 

She describes her time at INSEAD as one of the most rewarding years of her life.

Strategy consulting

Maxim has a degree in medicine and aims to become a leader in the pharmaceutical or biotech industry.

He joined INSEAD to gain complementary management skills and launch a career in strategy and management consulting. 

Financial services

Janka's background was in languages and literature, but she wanted to pivot into an international career in management. 

At INSEAD, she worked closely with her personal coach, the Career Development Centre as well as her classmates and alumni to achieve her goal. 

Strategy consulting

Alvaro had a foundation in law and management and was looking for an international experience to help him launch an international career.

At INSEAD, he discovered that strategy consulting was a great fit for his strengths and aspirations. He received multiple offers and is excited to start this new chapter in his career. 

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