The INSEAD Master in Management is designed to give graduates a head start in today’s business world. The curriculum design involved faculty, the school board as well as recruiters, to gather feedback on what skills and knowledge today’s young professionals are typically lacking in the workplace. This process led us to create the MIM Practicals which are integrated into each of the five study periods. 

MIM Practicals can be described as a series of practical and experiential exercises that enable students to get their hands onto real-life business scenarios, further reinforcing the concepts learnt in class and effectively preparing them for today’s job market. 


Sample list of topics:
•    Leveraging Data for Marketing Science
•    Company Valuation 
•    Identifying New Business Models
•    Negotiations
•    Doing Business in the Middle East
•    Blue Ocean Strategy
•    Innovation in China
•    Integrating Sustainable Development Goals 

Hear first-hand from our students

“The Practicals are one of the main reasons why I joined INSEAD."

Arthur Cukier


“MIM Practicals are not learning, but doing. During the Practicals, you get the chance to speak to and learn from people who are doing the job in real life. So this is a great chance to apply what we have learnt in class to something that we could actually use in a real company.

And when you’re interviewing for jobs, you can refer to your hands-on experiences instead of just theoretical knowledge.”

Stefano Pizzoli
Bachelor in Business Administration Management


“The Practicals are one of the main reasons why I joined INSEAD. I was looking for a less theory-based learning method and a more practical, pragmatic approach.

With the Practicals, I can get a feel for what a task in my future job might look like, and where I should improve and focus my attention.”


Apolline Assaud
MSc Engineering 


“We got to work on a business case for a real company, to help them improve their product creation process using new technologies.

When our group presented our findings, the feedback was really good and our ideas might actually be implemented! That was a great feeling.”

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INSEAD Apolline Assaud

Maximilian Rieder
BAA Business Administration
Austrian, French, Canadian


“We had the opportunity to discuss one of our cases with the Head of M&A at a leading MNC who had actually been involved with the deal.

We got behind-the-scenes insights into what goes into preparing an M&A and also the aftermath, which was super interesting.”

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INSEAD MIM Maximilian Rieder

Sonali Gobin
BA French and Francophone Studies; Bachelor of Business Administration, Finance


“The Negotiations Practical and the many hands-on exercises were very useful - I hadn’t realised before that negotiation not my forte! Usually in negotiations, you never know what the other person is thinking, so it was great to get that direct feedback during debriefs and have the opportunity to understand your gaps and improve.

It was also a very timely topic as many of us are now in the middle of job interviews and gearing up for salary negotiations."

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INSEAD Sonali Gobin




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