#1MBA #2017 #INSEAD

Manna Ozawa

With tons of social, career, academic activities running in parallel during the day at INSEAD, I hardly ever have problems staying asleep at night. But on Monday January 31st, I woke up before 5 am feeling somewhat uneasy. I reached out to my phone to check if there were any news... just one, but there was one... a pretty big one too.

Financial Times has placed INSEAD #1 for the second consecutive year under its “Global MBA Ranking 2017”!!

Congratulations to the INSEAD community including alumni, faculty, current students, prospective students, and all their proud moms and dads! It was simply an extraordinary feeling to be able to share the joy and celebration with my fellow classmates and faculty on INSEAD Singy campus - over champagne and #1 school colour cupcakes. One month has so quickly passed by since I have started my MBA journey here, and it became a good opportunity to stop for a second and re-acknowledge what fortunate learning environment we are in, how blessed we are with our truly diverse and unique classmates from around the world, and how much responsibility we have to pass on the legacy to the future generation of INSEAD students.