5 Simple Habits That Can Make You Great at Networking

Akshat Shrivastava

1. Reading/absorbing knowledge
- If you are well read, you would have a ton of stuff to talk about on a range of topics.
- This makes you interesting; others would enjoy your company more.

2. Smiling
- If you genuinely smile, people connect with you better.
- This acts as a wonderful ice breaker and makes people comfortable instantly.

3. Speaking at a slower pace
- Most of us tend to speak very fast.
- If you can slow down your pace, people would understand you better.

4. Listening
- If you listen well, you can remember the conversations with others.
- And, when you write an insightful follow-up email, it shows that you took their meeting seriously.

5. Treating people well
- Appreciating others is a sign of being a good human being.
- And who does not want to network with a good person?