Is INSEAD Worth the Investment?

Alex Varova

Is INSEAD worth the investment? Would you do it if you're earning close to 300k/year in your thirties?

Because you are asking this question, perhaps, you want to change something about this 300k salary job.

If you do... the question you might want to ask yourself is whether what you do now fulfils you, makes you happy and would you do it for as long as you can? This is where you need to start.

Ask any INSEAD MBA graduate, and very few people will tell you that they did it for money. They all had a dream: be it becoming an entrepreneur, moving to another country, a transition to another industry, making an impact on society, etc..

I always admired people who found their calling. Because, when you truly love what you do, you’ll work every single second for it.

It is normal, however, to think about ROI because it is a big step. I agree. Most of us, who did INSEAD MBA (or any other business schools, of course), quit their jobs, left comfort zones and stable income, left their beloved ones (for at least 10 months) to pursue a dream - an unknown.

A lot of people were asking me whether it was worth to leave a very stable job (I was working in Samsung in Seoul) and whether there were any guarantees that I would find something better. But for me, it was about taking a year off to understand what I am and what I want to do in the future, to meet like-minded people, to inspire and be inspired. To me, this beats any ROI!

INSEAD changed my life. Since then, my corporate career took me to Japan, Switzerland and now France. I completed one of the most prestigious leadership development programs with experiences in many different functions and projects.

And even though now I am still making adjustments in my career and going for entrepreneurship, I got the best support: INSEAD and the friendships I made there. This is the biggest advantage that INSEAD (unlike any other school) would give you. I know that in any part of the world, from Asia to Europe to Africa, I can find an INSEAD network, who will always be eager to help. It is this world-wide community, that you become part of, what makes INSEAD one of a kind.