And Liftoff

I'm a week into the programme and I already need to catch my breath. What an experience! Inspiring lectures, meetings with high profile alums, trips to Paris, group work, soul searching, and some refreshing beverages in between it all. We are presented with so many thoughts, ideas, questions and opportunities that I am having trouble sifting through all of it.

Most of the students are having a hard time with FOMO: with so many activities, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and lose your balance - gym, sleep, groceries, alone time, or otherwise.

Le Château

Initial impressions you ask? Well, tons of smart (and high achieving) kids, that's for sure. Some conversations are staying at surface level, but other relationships are already starting to deepen. Everyone is buzzing with team (and school) spirit. The cafeteria is amazing - cheap and delicious - the only negative is that it's not 24/7. The Dean and Profs are approachable and genuinely interested in learning about the students.

SPLASH took place this week: SPLASH is a team building activity in which we took part in the construction of a playground for schoolchildren. After much hype, we were sent to a suburb of Paris with tools, construction plans, and little guidance as to what was expected in terms of progress - we were left to fend for ourselves. We had a rough start, having difficulty organizing tasks and priorities, but after a few hours the big picture started to emerge. By the end of the day, we were all on top of things - helping others, communicating efficiently, and making significant progress in coming together as a section through this activity. Not exactly a typical day at school, but definitely a great learning experience!

Next up in the coming days: joining student clubs, and visits from prospective employers!