Chinese Culture Week at INSEAD

National weeks have always been an INSEAD tradition, and we were honoured to have been selected to host the cultural week this year.

During the week of May 17th, we hosted Chinese Culture Week and presented the diverse elements that China has to offer, including food, dance, calligraphy, costume, travel, business culture, and society.

It was a fantastic and memorable experience for the entire student community across both the MIM and MBA programmes.

As part of the event, we performed a Chinese dance which was inspired from a video by an influencer in Chinese-style jazz dance “Baixiaobai”. The song is named after one of the 24 solar terms, grain in ear. Since its debut in 2019, the song has become largely popular nationwide in China, especially among the younger generations.

Filmed on the INSEAD Asia campus, we wanted to record a wonderful memory of the lively campus life even during a pandemic through performing and filming the dance. After learning the basic dance moves, Lulu made some modifications and designed a choreography. We spent around four hours learning and practising the dance before filming. We all wore a Qipao, a high-necked closefitting traditional Chinese dress with 100 years' worth of history. We hoped this dance, together with the dress can showcase the delicate balance between vibrant modern life and ancient tradition.

Enjoy the video!


Lulu Chao comes from China and graduated from Shanghai Jiao Tong University before joining INSEAD. Prior to pursuing her MBA, Lulu had four years of professional experience as a strategy consultant. Post-graduation, she hopes to continue her consulting journey in Shanghai.

Yang Gao comes from China where she graduated from the University of Hong Kong. Before INSEAD, she was an experienced Actuary and management consultant in financial services. She hopes to continue her passion in the financial industry after completing the MBA programme.

Gwen Luo sees herself as an entrepreneur within the health and fitness sector. Prior to INSEAD, she worked at Llululemon and is a certified yoga instructor. Her MBA experience thus far has enabled her to continue connecting with global talent and is supporting her in her goal of creating a global wellbeing community.

Rui Zhang comes from China. She was an IT consultant before coming to INSEAD. For Rui, the MBA opens doors for her career and broadens her mindset. Most importantly, she discovers herself through the journey. She will pursue consulting after completing MBA programme.