Embracing the INSEAD Experience as a Partner: A Personal Journey

Myrna Rofael

As a partner who joined my husband at INSEAD, I embarked on a journey filled with apprehensions and curiosity. My intent in writing this blog is to share my experiences and insights, particularly for those who, like me, have had concerns about what it means to be a partner of an MBA student at such a prestigious institution.

Before our arrival at INSEAD, I often heard about the Partner Programme and its vibrant engagement in the INSEAD community. However, I couldn't fully grasp what this entailed. 

My primary concern was how I, as a partner, would fit into this dynamic environment, especially when the focus seemed to be primarily on the students.

From day one, my worries began to dissipate. The Launch Week at INSEAD was not just for students; partners were included too. This inclusive approach was INSEAD's way of acknowledging the integral role we play in our partners' MBA journeys. The programme included sessions on mental health awareness and balancing time for relationships, highlighting the school's deep understanding and respect for partner experiences.

INSEAD stands out for its diversity, and as a partner, I was thrilled to be part of this melting pot. 

The campus life is vibrant and inclusive, offering myriad opportunities to engage and connect. From attending lunches, participating in sports, to joining gym classes, the campus is designed to cater to everyone, including partners.

One of the most enriching aspects of being a partner at INSEAD is the opportunity to build your own network. We could attend various events, participate in the iconic Culture Week, and truly immerse ourselves in the diverse community. This engagement isn't just peripheral; it's an integral part of the INSEAD experience.

Reflecting on my time at INSEAD, I realise that the Partner Programme is more than just a support system; it's a community that thrives alongside the MBA programme. It provides a platform for partners to grow, network, and enjoy a fulfilling experience parallel to that of our student counterparts. INSEAD truly values and nurtures the role of partners, making it a unique and inclusive academic journey.