EMFIN: A Breath of Fresh Air

Stephanie Power

It is true that there is always a sense of triumph, achievement, and accomplishment when you reach the halfway mark and start taking steps into the last subsequent half. It gives momentum and confidence with the knowingness that the end is insight.

INSEAD celebrated this milestone by offering a break from the gritty, demanding details of finance and presenting us with an opportunity to explore the significance of qualitative instruction.

When the directory of options for our electives was shared with our cohort, there were literally dozens of topics to choose from. It was very difficult to narrow my choices.

This was an incredible opportunity for students to choose courses that best resonated with their interests and what would best compliment their current life’s path.

I found myself drawn to three qualitative courses and one quantitative course illustrated here in the following four; The Art of Communication, Social Development Growth, Technology, and Innovation and lastly Accounting KPI’s and Strategy.

In the Art of Communications and Social Development Growth, what impressed me the most is the very direct and applicable feedback that was given. The professors had such extraordinarily diverse professional backgrounds especially in the performing arts. The courses themselves were well timed, well orchestrated, and well attended.

Technology and Innovation was presented with the practicalities of moving ideas of innovation into realities quickly by pivoting in multiple environments by using cost efficient channels.

Accounting did not disappoint with a hands-on approach in comparing financial accounting measures of ratios across multiple companies and their sectors.

I have not spoken to anyone who had a disappointing experience during the electives.

It was very freeing from the traditional course material giving a snapshot of a realistic certainty as to how to utilise our skills in the world.

It was a very special opportunity to collaborate with the students who were completing their MBA’s. It was wonderful to see so many proud alumni present who carried on the INSEAD spirit through our group projects and networking.

As per usual, INSEAD did an incredible job of creating a presence through Zoom that was inclusive and seamless. All in all, over the span of three weeks, in a lot of ways I felt like I was in Fontainebleau, and it was a breath of fresh air!