Facing Current Challenges and Crafting the Future

Florian Loloum

As a senior director for a fast-growing global real estate development company, I face a much more complex environment now, than when I first started my career. I am required to tackle challenges and make strategic prescriptions to the board — decisions that have an impact on the future of the business in a context of an overall transformation of the industry.

This is particularly heightened by the uncertainty the global pandemic brings to many aspects of the business, of our projects and my responsibilities. 

Agility is a pre-requisite to adapt and perform in this context. Transforming uncertainty into quantifiable risk is of essence and this equates to a different set of expectations both in terms of performance and operations. I’m sure this is something many businesses are facing in this challenging time. It is also important not to neglect flexibility and empathy when communicating with stakeholders, be these investors, our appointed consultants and agencies or individual buyers.    

To be able to face current challenges and craft the future, I feel it is fundamental to constantly acquire and apply new and practical learnings to adapt to the changes in the environment, mitigate risk and maximise performance for the business. 

Starting an executive education today seems to be the most constructive approach to address that point.

The TIEMBA programme offers a mix of strong academic input, a practical outlook of the applications of these and a vast pool of different profiles open to contributing to the classroom. 

I am eager to share my past successes and failures with my classmates, open up on the challenges I face in my company today, including how we are tackling the impact of Covid-19. I am equally curious to understand different views from my peers on alternative business practices, thought processes and experiences to broaden my knowledge of business administration from various functional and/or market perspectives.  

Giving and taking feedback in a privileged environment will be a fantastic experience.