Full Circle

Dear readers,

It’s been a while since I wrote a blog post – but on my part I have written quite a bit since the last post – from reports to journals to speeches… It’s my last few weeks though and all those are slowing down.

I do want to comment on how it feels to be at the “end” of the MBA journey.

When I look back at my pictures of the year, my “recap” album on my phone, it feels like a dream. I think to myself, “How is this possible, that we did so much in so little time?” or “Have I just met her six months ago? It’s crazy - we feel like sisters!” But it is possible – this is what INSEAD offers you up for grabs.

My INSEAD year has come full circle in a number of ways, I will share two below:

Number One: At the start of the year, my interaction with INSEAD was through my MBA partner experience. My husband is a 16J who went to INSEAD two years before me, and soon after I wrote a book (https://www.bschoolpartner.life) summarising many MBA partners’ experiences and the learnings along the way (which became one of the most gifted Graduate School kindle books on Amazon). Therefore I had some expectations of what my year was going to be. However, this INSEAD year - my 18D year - has completely gone beyond any expectations. I left the year with such an immersive experience under my belt, and I have grown immensely since. Will my friends who haven’t seen me since last Christmas recognise me and my “new and improved” self? Let's see - I’ll update you when it happens.

Number Two: From a clubs’ perspective, I always believed in the mission and values that the Women in Business club stood for. In November 2017, I went to the second annual Women in Business conference, and I wrote a blog post about it on this very INSEAD MBA blog. This year, during my batch, I decided to initiate forming a team and running for club leadership. I became co-president and as a team, we put together the biggest INSEAD Women in Business conference until date, with 250+ attendees, 14 speakers, three workshops, two keynotes, one panel, and countless inspirational stories. I uploaded some images here, and shared a few more on LinkedIn.

My plan post-INSEAD is still in the air. But for now, that thought will stay at the back of my head and I will take advantage of the last eight days (How?!) until graduation.

INSEAD is an incredible access to education, opportunity and a community. If you have the chance – please don't let it pass! Your future self will thank you.