A Glimpse into the Start of My MBA Learning Experience

Kelly An

We all know that over the years globalisation has resulted in connecting people all around the globe and bringing the world at the tip of the finger with the help of advanced technology, the internet as well as speedy access to information sharing and communicating.

However, during the midst of the recent pandemic, the virtuality of globalisation has been more useful than ever to explore, learn and master these skills faster. During my first MBA module I had the opportunity to witness one of the best demonstrations of this phenomenon. 

With the incorporation of virtual learning and in-person practical experiences going hand-in-hand, I have had one of the best P1 experiences.

Kickstarting the programme with a summer start-up tour in July, I had an amazing opportunity to virtually meet one of the co-founders from another campus, reassuring me about the exciting learning experiences awaiting in coming months.

Following that, I started my online start-up Bootcamp in August that allowed me to get a thorough insight into P1 and strengthened my basic understanding of the upcoming learning material.

Building my online start-up Bootcamp to succeed with insightful visions, I started working on my Independent Study Project with the enlightening supervision of my strategy professor and applied to the bi-annual Venture Competition.

Moving forward, just as things started to get back to what one can call normal, I had a life-changing study experience during my VR immersive experience study at MAIO Island located in West Africa, Cabo Verde.

During the visit to the Island, along with exploring the natural beauty of forests, mesmerising white sandy beaches and calming tranquillity of clean air in person, I used a drone to capture each and every breath-taking moment by taking pictures there.

Being provided with an astonishing surrounding and atmosphere to demonstrate the VR learning experience, I can truly say that sharing learning experiences through videos has to be one of the best ways to fully relive the adventures of MIAO Island.

I am most grateful to have had the opportunity to take part in this trip due to the sponsorship of an INSEAD alumnus.

In addition to the calming yet venturous VR learning experience, one of the integral components that made my overall learning experience memorable was the study group I was assigned to.

Composed of five people from different backgrounds, the diversity of the study group that initially allowed us to define our individuality actually acted as a glue to keep us all together into a bond that’s unbreakable for a lifetime.

In addition to that, the PLPD sessions combined with the Organisational Behaviour class further assisted us and allowed us all to connect with each other even more. An example to demonstrate how the OB class strengthened our bond as a study group would be during the time we watched the movie "12 Angry Men" in class in order to analyse the organisational behaviour as a team.

Not only that, but we also then implemented the learning during OB finals where we were given three hours to solve three cases, an hour for each case, using previous course material and teamwork to analyse each case as a study group.

All in all, it won’t be wrong to say that my learning experience during P1 was no less than a roller coaster ride, a ride I would love to go back on.