How the INSEAD MIM Supports Future Talent in the Finance Industry


For me, the MIM programme is about constantly challenging myself and putting myself into new situations. That’s why with three of my peers we have decided to test ourselves in the most prestigious finance competition in the world called the National Investment Banking Competition (NIBC). Eventually, we have been selected from over 500 competing teams to present our work in front of 150+ finance professionals and 40+ corporate partners in Vancouver.

What is the NIBC?

NIBC was founded in 2009 on the guiding philosophy of giving students from all backgrounds a merit-based opportunity to develop their careers and be recognised on a global stage. The goal of NIBC and its industry partners is to help aspiring business graduates achieve complete industry readiness and realise their highest career potential. 

During the final round of the competition, students will be asked to build and present a stock pitch for a specific company. This will include an in-depth analysis of the company and its industry, a financial valuation of the company (DCF, comparables, precedent transactions) in comparison to current market sentiment and an evaluation of potential M&A targets in the future. 

Students will be evaluated by a panel of industry professionals, who will give all the participants comprehensive feedback to nurture their future development.

Why have we chosen to compete in the NIBC?

The NIBC represents a one-of-a-kind opportunity for our career development at our current position. The competition offers an unparalleled chance to apply the technical finance skills we have been learning for our future careers in a real-world setting. 

During our preparation for the first round, we engaged in thought-provoking debates regarding the intricacies of financial analysis and modelling, enriching our understanding in ways that traditional coursework might not have been able to. 

Furthermore, we were drawn to the extensive network of professionals and recruiters from the finance industry that attend the final round of NIBC. This event serves as a unique opportunity to expand our professional connections and gain exposure to global investment banking and private equity firms. 

Last but definitely not least, serving as an ambassador of INSEAD on a global stage is a true honour for all of us, and we are committed to do our best to develop the esteemed reputation of INSEAD. We truly believe that this would not only benefit us individually but further develop the power of INSEAD in the eyes of recruiters in the finance industry and representatives of other universities.

How has the MIM programme helped our performance at the competition?

The lessons we have learned since last August at INSEAD were essential in our work and eventual invitation to the finals of NIBC. 

The MIM programme not only equipped us with the right tools to conduct a detailed financial analysis and market research but also honed our ability to work efficiently in a diverse group.  

Through INSEAD’s interactive educational framework, featuring many group exercises and workshops, we have been able to challenge our preconceptions, question our assumptions, look at the problems from different perspectives and nurture our curiosity. 

These experiences enabled us to navigate cultural, professional, and educational differences in our group adeptly, and deliver an exceptional piece of work. We believe that embracing the INSEAD spirit was our greatest advantage compared to other competitors.

Bence, Guillaume, Matthew and Yaou are the four members of the NIBC team, all currently pursuing the INSEAD MIM degree.

Bence Paulik
Bence is an aspiring financial analyst, pursuing his Masters in Management degree at INSEAD. Prior to joining INSEAD, he worked at BCG as an analyst focusing on the Future of Work practice area. He is most interested at innovative and emerging markets to uncover new growth opportunities.

Guillaume Lüber
Guillaume kickstarted his journey by contributing to the success of a thriving restaurant in Geneva. Post his INSEAD degree, he aspires to carve a path in venture capital. Passionate about entrepreneurship, his focus lies in fostering growth within the engineering sector.

Matthew Depondt
Matthew aspires to build a career in finance, driven by his keen interest in fuelling business growth through support from a Private Equity fund. Drawing on his experience as a Real Estate Analyst, he honed his analytical skills in predicting house prices in Belgium.

Yaou Zhang
Yaou aspires to join a multinational corporation for financial and strategic functions, leveraging her analytical skills cultivated through experience in consulting and investment banking. She is mostly interested in the strategic M&A of corporations.


To make this journey possible, we need your support. Our aim is to raise EUR 5,000 which would cover all costs for the entire team. We are immensely grateful for any support you can provide and would be honoured to represent our institution with your backing. Thank you for considering our request, and we look forward to the possibility of partnering with you on this exciting journey. Help us out here.