INSEAD EMFin Module 1: Turning the Black Swan White

Jonathan Lim


Joining the INSEAD Executive Masters in Finance (EMFin) programme marks a significant milestone for me.

Despite embarking on my EMFin journey under the shadows of a global pandemic, the experience for Module 1 still turned out to be thoroughly enriching and satisfying.

Amidst the social restrictions, we still found the opportunities to mingle, have fun and get the most out of the learning experience. The challenges faced in this period have also brought out the most in the collective spirit amongst my fellow EMFin22 classmates, breaking barriers of unfamiliarity and forging close bonds.

In case you are wondering, a couple reasons for the title of my video, and my blog post:

First, the term black swan here is in direct reference to COVID-19 and the widespread impact it has brought to our lives in the last year. The full phrase "Turning the Black Swan White" aims to convey a message of positive perspective to a neutral reader, particularly on how the EMFin22 cohort have stuck together for Module 1 to make our experience better. "Black swan" is also a metaphor regularly used by Professor Massa in his corporate finance class to teach finance concepts. 

I look ahead to the upcoming modules with excitement as I weave every precious moment with my professors and classmates at INSEAD into lasting memories.