INSEAD Executive Master in Change (EMC): The Benefits of Applying Early

Applying for the INSEAD Executive Master in Change (EMC) programme is a process of reflection in itself. We try to make it as simple and smooth as possible, and our step-by-step guide really helps candidates tick off all the items from the checklist.

I have been asked however, if there are any benefits to applying early. In short: yes. Why? Read below:

Increase your chances of getting a seat

There is no formal application deadline for this programme and we take applications on a rolling basis, first-come first-served.

More seats are available at the beginning of the process so the more you wait, the more you risk being placed on the waiting list. Ideally, we would recommend that you submit your application five months prior to the programme start. Applying early also gives you more time to discuss with your management and encourage them to offer support, be it financially or time-related.

Get organised: planning your work schedule

The EMC programme has fixed module dates that are published well in advance (subject to minor changes). As full attendance at the modules is mandatory, it is best to check the module dates against your professional calendars for conflicts.

It is mandatory for all participants to be on campus to attend the residential modules every two months or so for a period of three or four full days - usually over the weekend, to make it a bit easier to fit into your work schedule.

Plan your family/personal time

The EMC requires a significant time commitment that will also impact your family and personal life.

During modules, you will be fully focused on classes, group work and discussions. In between modules, you will also need to allow sufficient time for independent study, including pre-reading for the next module, writing essays, reflection papers and case paper etc. This may add up to about 10 hours of homework a week.

Family time, holidays and other personal events may be affected, so it is important to bring your loved ones on board as early as possible and plan the year ahead together.


If you are not sponsored by your company, you may need to carefully develop a financing plan. This may involve negotiating loans with banks or other lenders, and communicating with local authorities, HR, tax officers etc., all of which may be time consuming.

Make the most out of your EMC journey

The EMC is a challenging and exciting once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

The earlier you apply, the more time you will have to mentally prepare to get back to school and plan the logistics. You may also wish to have a look at the programme literature list and start reading some of the recommended books.