MBA Video Interview Tips

Aidan O'Halloran

Many of you already know that soon after sending in your application for the MBA programme at INSEAD, you will receive a link to submit answers to four questions via a video interview.

I wanted to share a couple of pieces of advice that you may find useful as you prepare for these interviews.

Before I start, It is important for you to remember that these recorded interviews are not a replacement for the one-to-one discussions that you have with alumni, it’s just another opportunity for the INSEAD Admissions Committee to get an inside perspective of who you really are. So without further ado, here are some of my best tips:

#1 Don’t forget to submit, and submit early

Your application to the programme will only be complete once Admissions receives these videos. So don’t be tempted to forget about them! You will have an additional 48 hours after the application submission deadline to submit, but please do not wait until the last minute. It is best to complete these as soon as possible after submitting your application.

#2 Practice, practice, practice

The interviews are recorded on a platform called Kira Talent, and it lets you practice answering different interview questions as many times as you like. I definitely recommend that you make the most of these practice questions to ease yourself into the real thing.

Be prepared to answer personal questions about your motivations, your goals, and why you are choosing to pursue the INSEAD MBA in particular. 

#3 One shot to make an impression

You only get one shot for the real question, so make sure that you’re not disturbed! Set yourself up in a quiet environment, close (or lock!) the door, and make sure that you won’t be interrupted by any incoming phone calls, deliveries, persons or pets during the interview.

Be sure as well to position yourself in a comfortable position (sitting or standing is fine, as long as we can see your face) and remember to articulate your answers. It’s really important that you can be heard clearly and speak into the microphone of your computer.

#4 Be genuine

Be honest and sincere with your answers.

We want to see you be yourself, and we want you to share your personal story with us! If one of the questions doesn’t go well for any reason – don’t worry. You will have another chance with the next question.

#5 Enjoy the process

My last tip is to actually try to enjoy the process.

You’re embarking upon a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and an amazing journey ahead, and we really want to get to know you.

We look forward to meeting with you on campus and having you in our classroom soon.