None of Us Is as Good as All of Us!

Dianne Baunbaek

The project to run and track our collective progress via an app first started as an effort to keep the GEMBA19 cohort together when physically apart, and to help get us into better shape (fit body, fit mind).

We also wanted to showcase our diversity and lastly, but most importantly, to be a force for good. 

Soon, it evolved into a much bigger project, now encompassing the classes of GEMBA19, TIEMBA20, EMFin20, and even INSEAD staff and alumni!  

We now have 450+ people running! The goal is to connect our three INSEAD campuses in Singapore, Abu Dhabi and Fontainebleau, and including the San Francisco hub which will launch early next year. We might be diverse and very different but INSEAD keeps us together even when we're apart. The distance between the campuses is around 20,000 km and we thought this would be a good (and ambitious) collective goal to run together.

The timeline chosen was 1 September to 30 November - effectively three months. Then we can (hopefully) celebrate our victory at graduation on 19 December. To be a force for good, as we often hear during our courses at INSEAD, I decided to challenge ourselves to a 1:1 distance to donation match for a worthy cause (€20,000 or $22,000).

The charity Girl Rising is one of such very worthy causes. Their mission is to educate and empower girls in developing countries. Girl Rising uses the power of storytelling to change the way the world values girls and their education, in order to combat gender discrimination. The charity is founded on the premise that educating girls and removing the barriers to independence is the single best way to achieving the goal of ending global poverty.

Our €20,000 will bring four additional Girl Rising programmes to a community in need in one of the eleven countries around the world where they are currently active, including India, Kenya, Thailand and Guatemala.

INSEAD Running challenge

Christina Lowery, CEO of Girl Rising responds, "We are inspired by INSEAD's continued research into gender issues and grateful for their fundraising efforts for girls around the world. All proceeds donated to Girl Rising through the Run4Change campaign will support our work across countries to change the way communities’ value and invest in girls, and their potential. Thank you all for helping to make this critical work possible and good luck with this campaign!"

Katell Le Goulven, Executive Director of the Hoffmann Global Institute for Business and Society, comments, "Student-led initiatives are nothing new, however, challenging INSEAD to run 20,000km is different. The Hoffmann Institute will work with our fitness centres and coaches to organise group runs, challenges and training sessions. Completing this challenge isn’t just good for the runners, it contributes to the SDGs – from quality education to good health, gender balance and reduced inequalities. We want to see more of these initiatives on campus."

INSEAD's Dean Ilian Mihov supports the effort and says, “Congratulations to the INSEAD Global Executive MBA 2019 class for launching this initiative in support of Girl Rising. Not only are you connecting people worldwide and encouraging healthy activities, you’re also helping and empowering young girls in developing countries. Good luck to all of the runners, you make INSEAD proud.”

INSEAD Run 4 Change
With Urs Peyer, Dean of INSEAD's Degree Programmes


We are now just a week away to our closing date and still missing more than €5,000. Please help us reach our goal through liking, posting and of course donating!

We need all the help you can give. Please be part of this and donate!

Donation is also tax-deductible in India and the US. 

To donate, simply scan this QR Code:

Girl rising QR Code

A small contribution from your side can make a vast improvement on girls in other parts of the world!

Please see more information, like and share to help us get more exposure for this great campaign:


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Girl Rising homepage:
Video of Girl Rising documentary in 2013:

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For more information please reach out to [email protected]