Onwards and Upwards

Philippe Toutoungi

And like a flash, we are done with P1, i.e. our first academic period, i.e. one of the most intense two-month periods of my life.

Highlights from this (very short) timespan include:

  • A million and a half group meetings and assignments with my dysfunctional study group
  • A data analysis course punctuated by a number of in-class bets with the prof
  • Surprisingly lively accounting and micro-economy classes
  • The best cafeteria of any business school in the world
  • A visit to a PE firm in Paris
  • A roadtrip to the Loire Valley region
  • A boozy visit to the famous Oktoberfest festival in Munich
  • Guest speakers ranging from alumni to industry experts to recruiters
  • A strategy class culminating in a "Master Strategist Day" during which teams came up with sets of strategic options and presented them to the executive team of a company - we had the chance to spend some time with the CEO and Chairman, both of whom flew in just for the event
Section E2 - Master Strategist Day
  • And five very challenging exams over three days to cap it off.

So like a flash, we are done with P1. 20% of the MBA is already behind us and I can't wait for more!