Robin Hood Campaign - a social cause with a large dose of fun

Hey everyone! By now you have probably researched the clubs that you are most likely to join. If not, you can find the list HERE. But in this blog post, let me share with you another “club” that you can join. If you are interested in doing something for a social cause, then you can consider joining the Robin Hood committee!

This committee is not exactly a club similar to the clubs in the previous link. It is a team formed with one specific task – to raise funds for the Robin Hood scholars of the next batch.

As a quick background, INSEAD awards Robin Hood scholarships to one to two students who have difficulty raising funds for the program of every batch. The funds are generated from student donations. For example, the funds that will be used to award the scholars of batch 19D will come from donations of batch 18D.

During P2, there is a Robin Hood week when most fundraising activities are held. The objective is to collect donations while having fun! Let me share with you some of the activities of INSEAD 18D Singy starters.

1. Secret crush - If you have a secret (or open) admiration for someone, you can send flowers for very cheap rates based on Singapore standards. We offer free delivery.

2. Bon Voyage, Mon Ami - If you have friends whom you will not see for a while after campus exchanges become available, you can send wristbands to remind them of you. It comes in different colors.

3. Can you beat Arthur - If you ever wondered how good national sports players are, then play a game of table tennis against Arthur. You use a normal racket while he uses a calculator.

4. Trivia Night - If you want to feel good before the exams take place, get as many correct answer to random trivias as you can with a group of friends. Winning is as reputable as getting to the Dean's list.

5. Running man - If you want to experience Amazing Race with a spice of Asian creativity in game mechanics, don't walk - run! Warning: this is when you will see the most competitive side of your classmates.

6. Auction - If you are good on something never do it for free - sell yourself or buy someone else. The concept of a poor MBA is not true.

7. Wine down - If you are tired from all the activities during the Robin Hood week, chill down and take seven glasses of wine. This is the cheapest wines you will find in Singapore.

There are many ways to make your INSEAD year meaningful. If the idea of granting INSEAD education to deserving applicants appeals to you, then I highly encourage you to join the Robin Hood committee of your batch.

Come up with more fun activities and encourage more donations in the process. One of the greatest gifts that you can give to someone is access to education. That person will surely be forever grateful to you – similar to how grateful I am to the 17Ds.