Small Village, Big Family

Yang Zeng

After a two-month summer break, I was so happy to restart the MBA and reunite with my INSEAD family once again. For the fourth period of the programme (which we call P4), I went on a campus exchange to Fontainebleau. It was nice to be in Europe, and to experience some true French ways of living - especially in the cozy small town of Fonty.

But what made me even happier was seeing my friends and classmates from the Singapore campus again, and getting to know even more interesting people on the new campus as well.

It was of course still a high-pressured and fast-paced environment, as is the nature of a one-year MBA programme. This is true especially in P4, as the recruitment period for full-time positions after graduation has already begun. However, there are still many self-organised activities among students which I enjoyed participating in, and which helped foster closer connections with my MBA classmates. 


Though Fontainebleau is a small town, I never felt bored living there.

Thanks to the good weather at the beginning of the period, we spent weekends in small groups to explore Paris and welcomed the arrival of autumn with traditional Chilian BBQs and Italian Pizza parties. 


But the most memorable parties in P4 were the birthday parties of Ignacio and Diego, two of the smartest and most generous persons I have met during the year. The wine tasting sessions combined with Spanish ham were the highlight of some of the amazing food choices we could have in town. I can’t believe how fast time just flies and I wish I could postpone my departure to the US for my exchange with Wharton Business School to just spend more time with my INSEAD family.