What sets INSEADERs apart?

Prior to joining the MBA programme, I have always been amazed by the pride that INSEADers have and the strong bond that they share with one another. Five months into the programme, I got to discover what sets INSEADERs apart and to belong to this unique community and culture.

With more than 200 students across two campuses and more than 50,000 alumni, my journey at INSEAD has been rich with friendships and impactful encounters that have significantly shaped me.

Whether we met briefly in random places or whether we shared the ups and downs of the first two periods, I feel that we all have a common DNA. But what is in INSEADers’ DNA? What sets INSEADERs apart? In brief, I think INSEADerS are explorative global citizens who long to challenge the status quo and shape the future.

Citizens of the world

Perhaps the first thing that makes INSEADers stand out is their perspective on diversity. The school brings in together not only people from different nationalities but also from different cultures, experiences, teachings, and professions. At INSEAD, people are not only open to diversity but like to discuss it, debate it and learn from it. Caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life before joining INSEAD, I forgot the last time that I challenged my thoughts, perceptions and attitudes.

One thing for sure, this year gave me the time and chance to have countless discussions and debates with amazing people – INSEADers are very opinionated I have to admit – that helped me reflect and gain a better perception of myself and of life.


Being global citizens, INSEADers are explorative people at all levels. Most of the students who join the program leverage the school’s three campuses to rotate across geographies that they have never lived in as well as to explore career opportunities that they have never considered. After starting my first two periods in Fontainebleau, I am currently studying at our campus in Singapore. In both geographies, I have spent many of my weekends travelling around with fellow students both on cultural and fun trips as well as on professional treks where I discovered more of the business and cultural environments in both Europe and Asia. At INSEAD, you will always find a trek or a trip that matches your interest and every trip is an opportunity to meet new people and to build memorable moments along the journey!

Game changers

As highlighted earlier, people come to INSEAD from different backgrounds and with different experiences, passions, and dreams. While some students want to land a job in consulting, investment banking or in the industry, others want to launch their own startup or take their family business to the next level.

Despite the significant differences in each INSEADers’ journey and aspirations, they all share one thing in common: they are GAME CHANGERS.

Every single INSEADer I met is extraordinarily motivated and driven to create an impact in his or her own way! Each one wants to shape a successful business story, one that contributes to the future progress and development of our societies, one that is “a force for good”. I have met amazing classmates who inspired me with the obstacles and challenges they had to overcome to be here at INSEAD and pursue their story. I would like to take this opportunity to give a shout out to the powerful and inspirational female students of our class: from the mothers of toddlers who are fulfilling their goal of an MBA to the resilient and rebellious students who had to challenge stereotypical and social pressures to succeed against the odds and be with us.


When people join INSEAD, they do not only join a business school but rather a community and a family that includes the old, current as well as future generations. Just like family members, INSEADers, across all generations, care for and support one another. I am always surprised by the kindness and support that INSEAD alumnus have shown me since I started the program. On several occasions, alumnus that I barely knew invested time and effort to share with me knowledge, provide me with guidance or even give me some introductions. I feel really blessed and honoured to be part of this giving culture and I can’t wait to give back to its amazing members!